About Us

Tali and Damy was founded in 2017 by Adelaide Mavu. I named the business after my two beautiful children Talia and Damian. My design inspiration is derived from organic shapes and basic elements. 

As a child while growing up my time was spent doing anything that involved using my hands and bringing my ideas to life..during my high school I started playing around with beads and selling in a clothing store down town. 

After Matriculation I went to study jewellery design and manufacture at the Ruth Prowse School of Art where I learnt the art of jewellery and design.

Tali and Damy handmade jewellery offers simple everyday timeless jewellery. All pieces are handmade with locally sourced materials. Currently our jewellery is made from sterling silver 925 and brass. Brass is a beautiful yellow metal which is nickel free and does not change colour. Cleaning with toothpaste once in a while will keep brass looking new and appealing. 

The beautiful thing about our jewellery is that it can be worn on all occasions and is not directed to any age group. From pretty hearts to pearls! from the office to the cocktail party!

Loved by locals..a little souvenir for tourists!

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